apparel made by hand, by one person, for you


The Idea

In 2014, a friend asked me to be part of a holiday bazaar. I sold a few aprons and pinafores and the feedback I got gave me enough courage to move forward with an idea I’ve had for decades: to make clothes that are utilitarian, for people to wear for work, for artists and makers, and, most importantly, to fit a variety of people and sizes.

Style & Quality

Utilitarian clothing meant to be worn, worked in, and useful isn’t always the most “flattering”. I try hard to make things that are aesthetically pleasing by using gorgeous natural fibers and interesting small details, but I am not focused on accentuating a person’s body. Shift style tends to be slightly oversized, sometimes androgynous, and always comfortable.

100% Handmade

Every single garment is designed by me, starting with a drawing. I hand-grade the patterns and shop for the fabric and test each piece. All fabric is pre-washed for the customer’s convenience. In my studio, with the help of a friend a few hours a week, we cut and sew everything. Garments are kept relatively simple as a stylistic choice, and also to keep the products affordable.